Name Paintings

Bespoke paintings, with the child's name as the main feature of the artwork. Their name is then surrounded by animals, vehicles or cartoon characters of your choice. Date of birth, baptism dates or baby's birth weight can also be included to add that extra special personal touch. These make great gifts for new babies, christenings, birthdays or Christmas. I can match the colours to suit the décor of the nursery or bedroom where the painting will be hung if required.

All paintings come with a neutrally coloured frame and mount to fit in with any colour scheme, unless otherwise specified or requested.

Canvas Artwork

These paintings are done on box canvas to create a contemporary piece of artwork that can compliment the interior design of any room. They can range from fun, colourful paintings for a nursery or child's bedroom, to a more stylish monochrome painting to match the décor in your lounge, master bedroom or even bathroom or kitchen.

These canvas artworks can be individual pieces or a small collection that run along the same theme. Sets of 3 can work particularly well.


These are great fun; they combine artwork and interior design. Murals can be as large or small as you want – they can be an individual image, a whole wall or even an entire room, creating a new and exciting environment. Murals can be used as a feature to compliment a theme, to decorate plain furniture, as height charts or even just to brighten up a room.

Murals would have to be discussed and designed with you before a full quote could be given. A rough estimate may be given after a short discussion of your requirements.